Our Company

Our History

Our story begins in 2016 when our founder and current CEO (corporate everything officer), Mary Peters, recognized a need for a different kind of general contractor to help serve the Treasure Valley. She understood how busy life can get with kids, work, and hectic schedules and the need for a contractor who is not only reliable, honest, and ethical, but also willing to work directly with customers on design and project flow. With customer needs at the forefront, she worked hard to build a company that she would work with on her own home projects and that she would be able to trust when referring her friends and family – a company that can handle the high level of communication needs that will make it easier for, You, our valued customer, to plan and live on our jobsite… A.K.A Your home – and so… Sasquatch Contracting was born.

Our Team

At Sasquatch Contracting, no one person is paramount, we work as a team. From our demo crews who start the project, to the vendors we purchase high quality products from, to our project managers who coordinate our install teams – We are all committed to the highest level of professionalism, trade craft, and communication with all our customers’ needs in mind.

Our Mission

Sasquatch’s highest priority is to work directly with homeowners, property managers, and commercial customers to make the best out of every space that we help modify. Equally as important, is to provide a working environment that is safe, fun, and a great place to work. Whether Sasquatch Contracting is a stepping stone for our employees to start their own business or a long-term home, our goal is to train and empower employees from all walks a life to feel proud and self-actualized in their work.

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